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The Majestic Golan Heights
Water, Culture, Borders, Battles and Antiquites

Hidden away in the northern corner of Israel, situated between age-old volcanoes, unknown antiquities and some of Israel’s greatest views – the Golan Heights offers a unique and refreshing taste of a fascinating region. From wine, beer and olive-oil tasting to ancient synagogues, from viewpoints to waterfalls and from Druze villages to ATV riding; there is something for everyone up in the Golan.

The Golan Heights tour can function as a day trip out of and back to the Galilee (or even Jerusalem and Tel Aviv) or, more classically, as part of 3-day excursion up north.

Starting at the lower Golan overlooking the Sea of Galilee, we will make our way through the old towns of late antiquity such as Susita and Um-el-Kantir.

The central Golan offers a stop at the Bazelet HaGolan Brewery, the Olea Olive Oil press and the Golan Heights winery. Setting up an ATV ride experience or even horse back riding through the fields and fabulous terrain is an easy and worthwhile thing to do.

As the day comes to an end we will make our way to the top of Mount Bental overlooking the Syrian border, a breathtaking viewpoint which cannot be missed.


The Majestic Golan Heights tour will leave you spiritually energized; filled with a profound understanding of the geo-political, historical and contemporary significance of the region.

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