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A Day at Masada:

· "The Use and Abuse of the Masada Ethos" -

Breaking the Myths: the Truth about Masada.


As one of the prime archeological sites in the world, Masada's story is thrilling, inspiring and.... quite complicated.


What do we really know about the Masada story as it is told in the works of Josephus Flavius? What can we make of the mass suicide story? In what way has the story been abused? What details have the latest archeological excavations uncovered?


Set up a fabulous day of touring exactly the way you like it: Pick the trail of your choice - either hiking up the snake path or relaxing in the cable car - to climb this fascinating site. Add in a visit to the Qumran Caves (the famous site where the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered), explore the natural beauty of the Ein-Gedi reserve and/or stroll down for a dip in the famous Dead Sea.


This full day tour will leave you with a taste for much more.


Roman Architecture at its best
The Northern Palace – Masada
Floating in the Dead-Sea
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