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In one word, our experience with Moki was spectacular. Our guided tour was through the old city of Jerusalem, Old Jaffa, Masada and the Dead Sea. The tour left a lasting impression on us due to Moki's breadth of knowledge of archaeology, Israeli history and comparative religion. He was able to explain the different thought patterns and theories behind the majestic history of Israel which brightened our perspective of the country. In short, the tour left a lasting impression on Israel which is a priceless experience.

I find that Moki's warm demeanor, sense of humor and sheer passion of his work resonate into an epic experience for those that choose to work with him. 

Moki is highly recommended for anyone trying to explore Israel in a deeper way as I wouldn't do it in any other way.

Eugene Gurevich

San Francisco, CA

Moki provided our family with an invaluable introduction to this fabulous country. He combines a huge range of historical knowledge, both secular and religious, with archeological expertise. All this enhanced by his delightful personality. Traveling with Moki is like having another member of the family along. He is easily adaptable to one's interests and pacing and took us to some amazing sites off the usual tourist trail. In addition to all the sites and visits, Moki introduced us to a variety of eating experiences that the traveler, on his own, would never find. All in all, we cannot wait to return to Israel and to go on further adventures with Moki. He is a rare and wonderful guide.

Michael and Sanna Feirstein


Our whole family traveled to Israel to celebrate our son's Bar Mitzvah. Moki came highly recommended from family friends and we were so lucky to have him guide us! His knowledge about archaeology and religion goes well beyond the typical guide. We spent several days in Jeursaluem, then traveled North for a couple days to Rosh Pina and the Golan, and then west to Tsfat, Akko, and Tel Aviv. Moki was able to not only guide us to the typical sites such as the The Dead Sea and Massada, but he also took us to places that not everyone can visit or explore. And, he threw in some amazing surprises along the way that my boys loved! He was fabulous with handling multi-generational families and personalities! My two boys, 13 and 15, really bonded with Moki and by the end of the trip were looking forward to seeing him on their future Birthright Trips or perhaps back in the States. In 10 days Moki went from being "our guide" to being a life long family friend.

Nicole Andelman

Providence, Road Island

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