"Politics, Politics, Politics – Is this City Real?" - Jerusalem's Current Affairs

Why is it the every time someone sneezes in the wrong direction in Jerusalem the entire world knows about it?


Wars are the midwife of change – and since 1917 the city has found itself under war several times. As a result, the city has come under 4 different entities in the past century – from Turkish, through British and Jordanian, to Israeli.  


On this tour we will get into the nitty-gritty of the political complication vis-à-vis Jerusalem in the larger context of "the conflict". Explore the problematic issues through the sites which exemplify the concerns at hand. We will stop at the southern end of the city overlooking Bethlehem, the separation wall, travel along the "Jerusalem seam-line", visit the famous "Sheikh Jarach" neighborhood and much more.


This day will bring you closer to a real understanding of the challenging situation and leave you quite perplexed, with many questions and reservations. You may not walk away with solutions but will definitely leave you thinking about it all in a very "real" and insightful way.

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